With AWE, the world will never look the same.

You dream it, we build it.

You can rely on AWE Company’s technology and our expertise. Whether you are looking to develop a location-based game or training simulation, recreate the past (or demonstrate the future), or simply looking for a new way to communicate your message, we can help!

Bring your vision to market

Our services complement and enhance your complete suite of digital and real-world offerings, from social media to television to location-based advertising.

Build your customer base

Our applications are designed to engage your existing customers and to help you find new ones. We research your audience and perform user testing as we build. We surpass expectations.

A team that can't be beat

Our project teams bring a depth of experience in digital, mobile and software development, animation, film, and gaming. We offer sophisticated experience design, end-to-end project management, consultancy, copywriting, content production, installation, and on-going tech support.

Technology that powers content

At the core of AWE Company’s services is proprietary technology. Our Augmented World Engines™ power 3D animation, games, video, audio and internet based content. We conduct on-going R&D in-house, and collaborate with research labs at universities to ensure that you benefit from the most advanced technologies.

Let us show you

Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll show you how to make the future of mobile Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality work for your business.

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